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harvest festvel

harvest is a tine to show that we care                                                                                                                                                                                      Harvest is on the 23rd September is a time to show  appreciation  to god and the people who made the food                                                                       today we celebrated harvest in school                                                                                                                                                                      

Harvest festival

The harvest festival is a celebration for food.The harvest festival is on the 22nd of September.the food goes to the poor.It is important that all people have food or they will die.

the WONDERFULL festival of food and KINDNESS

YOU will love this festival its packed with lots of fun food and beatiful songs that the clases sing to the parents.Our school preist comes and gives us a beatifull speach about the yummy food .It takes place in the sacred heart school in the hall at 9 oclock it is inportant because this is the time as we as a school celebrate Jesus and all the lovely plants he has given us and food in this beatifull worldsmileyheart.

Harvest festival

At harvest we all share are food and we give it to some people who can not afford food we also give tin food and the presit explaned how it was made.The harvest festival is sunday 22 of september we selerbrated it today the 10 of october.It happens this time of year because it is the closest full moon to autumn.These festivals pan India follow a solar calendar and are celebrated on or around the 14th of January every year and the suns movement Northword

Harvest festival

The harvest festival is a time to celebrate the harvest and God for this harvest and everyone who worked to make it.

The harvest festival is on the 23rd of September.

what happens at the harvest festival is we bring in food that god made and  that food you bring.

The food goes to a food bank then is goes to people who doesnt have as much food.




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